Download Campaign Material


Poster design has been provided in A3 size – The artwork can be rescaled to ANY size. Artwork is not to be modified or added to in any way without permission.



Two sided (3 fold) Brochure design has been provided in A5 size at 300 DPI including a 1cm bleed – The artwork can be rescaled to ANY size.

English  Hindi

Greeting cards

Greeting card double sided design


Water Bottle

Bottle wrapper design has been provided in 20 x 7.7cm at 300 DPI with a 2cm excess (which can be trimmed or extended depending on actual print size required – The artwork can also be rescaled. The design has room for any information that may be legally required to add (for example content of water bottle etc), this is to be added on the white section, under the recycle logo only.

WB1  WB2  WB3  WB4  WB5

Stand with dignity logo

The logo design has been provided in a high res PNG format, suitable to be transferred across various formats and media. The logo must never be distorted in any way, nor should the colors be altered nor should any effect be applied to the logo.


Stand with dignity online banners

If you manage one or more websites and are able to add a link from your website to Stand with dignity, this is a unique method of getting involved with the campaign! Download the folder below to be able to install ready made banners as well as instructions on how.


Closed For Business

This poster has been provided for business to display on the front of their shops if they are closed to mark the day of Ashura.